01/12/2010 19:14

Last Blog of 2010 - December and Winter strikes...........

  Wow.... what can I say Winter is definately here and still had jobs to do down on the allotment but the snow beat us to it.  Only got a greenhouse half glazed ..... Winter japanese onions sets never got in the ground before the frosts so they'll be planted early spring now   What...


01/10/2010 21:46

1st October.... where has the year gone????

Heading down to allotment tomorrow got winter cabbage, pak choi and onions to plant, Red and White onions sets need to go in too lots to harvest Potatoes to dig up, tomatoes, runner beans, cucumber, courgettes and butternet squash, swiss chard, celery - had a good year on allotment so far..........


26/06/2010 13:09

June, June June

Well Summer is finally here... How long it lasts for no-one knows so lets make the most of it!!! The last 2 plant stalls (May and June) raised a whopping £560 for Hook in Bloom to reinvest back into the village.  Thanks to everone who came and bought all our lovely bedding plants,...


23/05/2010 17:10

Wow end of May..........Been really busy on Allotment

It's been a while but been really busy - Make hay while the sun shines.. ;) Phew been another scorcha today manage to rally some troops and make an early start on allotment before it gets too hot!  Finished planting out Potatoes 17 rows in total (consisting of 1st earlies which were...


21/03/2010 15:46

Spring has Sprung!!!!

What a Beautiful Day so off to the allotmet we went......... Had to pot on 300 geranium, 15 tomato plants and  14 strawberry plug plants  that had arrived this week. A couple of volunteers re assembled the polycarbonate greenhouse glazing that had got blow out over the winter. ...


20/02/2010 11:44

Spring is in the air.......

 Roll on Spring………   Well although the winter weather is still here the garden’s are starting to wake up. Snowdrops, aconites are poking through showing us that spring is just around the corner.  Shrubs are beginning to wake up  and buds starting to swell in preparation for...


17/01/2010 14:11

Finally Back on the Allotment ...Yay

  Hurray finally got back down to allotment......:) ..... Snow has gone ......ground not frozen and I can finally  test out my new wellies  . Had to get some tulip bulbs planted (just ran out of time before xmas and then the ground froze!  so I know they may flower a little late...


02/01/2010 14:30

Brrrr..... just been down to allotment.... it definately blew away the cobwebs!!!

 Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....... another snowy winter's day...... January 2nd 2010   Just sat in my warm conservatory eagerly looking though seed and plant catalogues for the upcoming season. Gotta order our seed potatoes and just pricing up netting for the fruit cage, We're...


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